BronSun Tint and Henna Brows

Our formula is a great alternative for those looking for a temporary change, or are not compatible with permanent makeup. The BronSun tint not only colors the hair for up to 7 weeks, it also tints the skin anywhere from 4-10 days, giving you a great shape and a no maintenance brow. This is a great introduction to permanent makeup, to try a new shape or a more filled and full brow prior to making the commitment. This process includes a brow shape and wax as well as the tint.

Brow Services

Beautiful Brows is our business.. we specialize in creating the perfect brow through a variety of techniques and will help you customize a service approach designed for you… book a FREE brow consultation NOW!

Permanent makeup 

We offer a several permanent makeup methods to give you the type of eyebrow look you desire as well as the optimal choice for your skin type. Options will include hairstroke brows (nano strokes, microblading) filled brows (powder, soft fills, and ombre) and the ability to combine the styles. The shape of the brow and color choice will be determined before any procedure takes place, so you are ready and excited for your new brows. Low maintenance brows that don’t sweat off at the gym, disappear throughout the day, or wipe off in the pool or at the beach can be possible.

FREE initial in person consultation is required to review the permanent makeup procedure and healing process, complete paperwork and determine if it is a great fit for the you, as well as answer your questions.

*Clients with previous eyebrow tattoos are often not a good candidate, please mention any previous tattoo work when booking a consultation. We offer saline brow tattoo removal, see below.

Prices for brow appointment includes consultation, procedure, and initial touch up 6-12 weeks after

Hairstroke brows $650

Ombre/ Powder brows $650

Combination brows $700

Color Boost Single Session Fees (based upon first treatment date completed @Ivory Med, if you have had previous work completed elsewhere you will be considered a new client and priced at the new client rate above)

Before 12 months:$150  After 12 mos-$250  After 18months:$350    After 2 years:$450   

After 3 years: full price and will include a touch up in the price

Li-ft Saline Tattoo Brow Removal $150/ session

Typically several sessions will be needed in order to lighten pigment to allow for additional tattoing or to remove completely. Please contact us to set up an initial consultation on the process. 8 weeks is needed between Li-ft sessions and the number of sessions

BronSun Skin and Brow Tint or HennaBrow $50

BRONSUN® gel dye helps to create graphic and voluminous eyebrows regardless of clients’ color types and quality of their eyebrows: even affected by excessive correction, sparse and thin ones will look flawless after the tinting. The tint will last from 4-7+ days on the skin, and 4-7 weeks on the hair. This service

Henna Brow color will be chosen with your clinician and come in a variety of colors, it will applied to the skin and brow hair and allowed to cure. Shape will be discussed prior to the application and while the product is processing you will receive a wax or tweeze too perfect the brow shape.

Luxe Brow Shape and Wax $45

The ultimate brow waxing service that includes a shape, wax, tint and finish (makeup fill/ conceal), well get your brows ready for the day or a night out as well as conceal any redness from your waxing session.