Laser Treatments

We offer both laser hair removal and laser skin treatments. Check out details below!

Laser Hair Removal

Utilizing the Candela Gentle Max Laser, we will get desired results for hair reduction, even when other laser treatments have failed. The Candela laser is only effective for hair with pigment (no blonde, gray or red hair).

10 laser hair removal sessions is a full series of treatments and timed based upon the hair growth of the individual client. You will want to arrive at your appointment with very very minimal hair growth, a barely visible stubble. If you elect to use numbing on any areas, please inform us at the time of booking (additional charge applies). Session frequency will depend on the body area and varies from 4-8 weeks.

After completion of your ten series sessions on a timely schedule, you will visit the spa on an as needed basis for a touch up session. Touch up’s are done at a greatly reduced price (at least 50% off or more).

Package of 5 sessions: save 5%   Package of 10 sessions: save 15%

Prices below are PER session, and the series consists of 10 timely treatments.

  • Chin or lip $60
  • Face $125 (includes lip,chin, sides of face/ cheek)
  • Underarms $85
  • Uni brow/ or ears $35
  • Half arm $175
  • Full arm $275-375
  • Low leg w/ knee, toes $275
  • Upper leg $275
  • Back $350-500
  • Chest $275-425
  • Hairline $125
  • Bikini $125 (2″ outside standard swimsuit line)
  • French bikini $175 (2 inches inside swimsuit line)
  • Brazilian $225 (includes labia and backside)
    • Numbing is available for $20/ session for Brazilian, face, underarms and is included with brazilian packages

Laser Skin Treatment

Laser Skin Treatments: Prices vary based of treatment area and extent of treatment

  • Photo Rejuvenation (pigmentation) $200  and up- available for face, hands, arms you must have no visible tan or recent sun exposure
  • Broken Capillaries  $150 and up
  • Spider Vein Removal  $150 and up

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